A forward thinker for the future

July 24, 2011 Author: Tom Rivers

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We were recently retained by a world renowned brand – a household name in the world of spa.  This is a business which most people in the industry think just grows from strength to strength each year – quite easily.  But the reality is quite different.

Like all other companies in this space, it faces stiff competition from almost every other hotel built now.  An increasing proportion of new builds include a spa concept, and this directly threatens our client’s revenue and positioning.

Our client therefore asked us to look for a hotelier who has tremendous forward thinking skills, demonstrable sales and marketing experience, and an innovative approach.  Their brief would be to help reorganise this business to ensure that it drives the true potential of the business into the future.

We’ve made that placement, and our client is very happy with what their new recruit has already achieved.  Suddenly, the future looks a lot more secure.